What is Dynamic Website and what should i choose for my business

These days in market you will see many options while you plan to develop website for your business but business owners actually don’t know the benefit of choosing static website or what is dynamic website etc because its natural they have any technical knowledge about website design & development, they expert in their own fields, so with this post we will discuss what is dynamic website and what is static website.

See if you are planing to make website and if you want to change your website content regularly like if you want to update news daily basis or weekly basis or if you plan to add pictures regularly, in that case you need to choose dynamic website option, because dynamic website have option to update your content, picture etc like eCommerce website, news website etc, On other way Static website, if you are running small business or startup and want to make informational website where people visit and know everything about your business or about you, in that case you can go with static website option. One more thing on static website still you can able to add/edit content but for that you must have some technical knowledge, so if you have technical knowledge you can try static website and use as dynamic.

So basically Dynamic website means where you can able to change your website content by your self without having technical skill, and static website means where you can just setup content, information one time, you can change but not regularly basis.

Dynamic website will program with advance code where site owner will get back-end secure admin panel, where you can login and access your back-end settings etc. so if you are not technical person then i will recommend to go with dynamic website option. this is the reason static website is less expensive compare to dynamic website.

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